Forex Broker XTB (WSE:XTB) Records their Ever Best Profit Growth in the Q4

Polish Forex Broker XTB has recorded their ever best profit growth in the 4th quarter to make them to be among the most profitable companies in the year 2016. X-Trade Brokers based in Warsaw, Indiana operating Retail Forex broker at has reported a PLN consolidated net profit of 77.7 million in 2016 when compared to 119.0 million PLN in the previous year. At the same time, net profit of XTB in the 4th quarter grew by 206% to about 50.4 million in the PLN. According to their numbers, this 4th quarter was the best performance by company throughout the year 2016 before reaching best record levels by the XTB 2015 quarters historically.

XTB Forex Broker

In addition, the operating income for the whole of 2016 year amounted to about 250.6 million PLN compared to 282.5 million PLN in the previous year. In the 4th quarter, the Company recorded another 94.0 million PLN in revenue from the operating activities compared to 57.4 million PLN in the previous year.

What trading instruments did the company introduce to more profits in the year 2016?

Here are some of the following:

* New equity CFDs

Hundreds of new CFDs were introduced based on the shares listed on the global stock exchanges leading to an increase in the sales.

* Synthetic stocks
The introduction of the synthetic stocks or commonly called non-leveraged CFDs was based on the shares from the same international stock exchanges leading to massive profits in the end of the trading period.

* Instruments portfolio
During the trading year, the number of financial instruments was increased to over 3, 000 that made the process of trading much easier during the period of trading.

* CRM tools
The consistent implementation of the modern CRM tools in all branches tool for a comprehensive customer relations management from the first contact via further service stages by signing an agreement to maintain post-sale relations.

* xStation
During the period, the company released New xStation5 platform. In addition, the company released xStation for the Smartwatch and a new improved xStation version for Android.

* Servers update
All servers situated in Germany were also modernized for a faster execution of customers’ orders during the trading period.

* Increased level of marketing activity
The Company had a marketing activity campaign based on selected markets. During the period, the Group had launched a new global branding campaign by using an actor known as Mads Mikkelsen. Another star was Grzegorz Krychowiak who is football player to help in implementation by allowing beginners to get necessary knowledge needed for trading.

During the presentation of the Group performance results, Paul Szejko who is Board Member of the Management financial had the following comments:

He made comments that the company has change its business model to cope up with the changes that existed in the market thus reducing volatility in the revenue. The company had to formulate strategies on how to beat competitors in the market. In addition, the group has to come up with ways of dealing with additional restrictions as well as legal barriers to increase profits.

It was impressive that the company was able to make huge sales in the year 2016.

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