Gs sharestocks Ltd ( has acquired Forex Brokerage

Gs sharestocks Ltd has acquired CySEC forex broker from Topic Market Ltd. On notice to its client, Clients notice market Ltd informed its clients that all accounts would be transferred to the Gs sharestocks Ltd before 19 March 2017. GS is the owner and operator of stock broker

The new owner of will continue to use the same platform and users experience is unlikely to be affected. The user will continue to access their accounts using the same user names and accounts that they are currently using. Furthermore, the two companies are monitored and controlled by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission.

Getstocks acquired invest.comTopic Market is not permitted to provide services under another domain or brand. The change of ownership has not been reflected in the website or in the Cypriot regulator website. GS Sharestocks Ltd is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and users should not worry about legal issues arising.

All the information in your accounts such as cash balance, trading account, transaction history and even due diligence information will be transferred as they are to GS Sharestocks Ltd and will remain the way they are. Generally, you will not notice any changes regarding functionalities. There is no action required from you to continue using the account; you will just have to log in using your usual password.

However, you are not happy about the transfer of ownership, you can log in into the account and close your open position, withdraw the remaining balance and close the account. However, GS Sharestocks limited has been in the market for many years and had enough experience to operate the accounts. It currently operates stocks broker that provide live market data, social feeds, and financial news.

After the acquisition, will continue to offer different financial services that include trading in forex and contracts for different, investment strategies and portfolio management. It supports both Simple and pro-proprietary platforms. Simple is designed for traders who are new to the industry while Pro is designed for experienced investors. If you are new to the industry, you can Simple platform but as you gain experience, you can move to the Pro platform. is the only CySEC’s approved domain for GS Sharestocks. This domain is great platforms that provide stocks that can be traded on worldwide exchanges. The broker offer copy trading services. For NASDAQ, NYSEMKT, and NYSE, the broker charges $7.5 per trade and London Stock Exchange, the broker charges $7.0. All these services are available in over 100 countries around the world.

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