ThinkMarkets Forex CFD Broker accepts PayPal for Deposits and Withdrawals

ThinkMarkets is a world renowned online financial company that facilitates forex, CFD trading and spread betting. It creates a suitable environment for the trade of financial securities and is FCA UK (Financial Conduct Authority) approved. It is a customer-oriented company that prides itself in delivering world-class services to its global clientele. ThinkMarkets has recently gone a step further in guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction by incorporating PayPal (the fastest and safest online payment system) into their extant funding methods.

The addition of PayPal as a means of payment is a cause for celebration for global users of ThinkMarkets. This is mainly because PayPal is currently the world’s fastest, most efficient medium for conducting online money transfers. With PayPal, ThinkMarkets clients can now maneuver funds into and out of their accounts on the MetaTrader 4 and ThinkTrader, without having to worry about security details. The inclusion of PayPal as a payment method is a huge step forward for ThinkMarkets customers as it is available in almost all countries worldwide.

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ThinkMarkets Accepts Paypal paymentWhen asked about this recent development, Managing Director and founding partner of ThinkMarkets, Faizan Anees said that the decision to launch PayPal as an alternative payment method was arrived at after a lot of consideration. He said that as a company, their priority is ensuring the success of their clients. After embarking on extensive research and analysis of customer demands, they unanimously agreed that PayPal is the best payment method as it is currently available in 202 countries and 25 currencies. This will be not only efficient for existing traders but also attract new clients from previously unexplored regions. His statement is backed by CEO and co-founder, Nauman Anees.

With the inclusion of PayPal as a payment method, ThinkMarkets users will now be able to fully utilize the services of this world-leading electronic payment system, by making deposits into their trading accounts within a matter of minutes. This payment method complements the necessary financial infrastructure of bank accounts and creditcards. With PayPal, traders on ThinkMarkets will have the opportunity to experience instant and more efficient money transfers.

If you’ve always wanted to trade on ThinkMarkets, but their payment methods have been holding you back, you can now apply for a live trading account within minutes and get started. This is, of course, after verifying that PayPal services are available in your country. The firm has appropriated enough funds to invest in its core infrastructure, which includes an inter-operating website that is completely integrated, an administrative center, and verification software to automate payment procedures, thus easing the process of depositing funds via PayPal, for approved account holders.

In addition to using PayPal, ThinkMarkets users will still be able to access previously employed funding methods for instance e-wallets, debit and credit cards via the company’s portal, ThinkPortal, a devoted customer account management system. ThinkPortal gives users the opportunity to monitor transactions within their individual accounts carefully. It is a straightforward and user-friendly system that comes in handy especially for new traders on the site.

The entire ThinkMarkets team maintains that their eternal goal has been to offer a solution to their online forex and commodities trading community and the incorporation of PayPal into their operations has brought them that much is closer to making this dream a reality.

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