Uber President Quitted, Analysts Predicted Greater Turmoil

The notable web-based transportation service company, Uber Technologies, has been in a serious turmoil after its president – Jeff Jones – quitted. Jones had joined the San Francisco based company for less than seven months. He is a marketing expert who was hired to improve the company’s declining image. Uber representative admitted that Uber President quitted. In an interview with media, Jones said that he quitted because he was not compatible with the business.

Uber President Quitted, the Turmoil Gets Deeper

Jones said that he joined the company in August 2016 because of its mission. He felt challenged to grow the company into a thriving and mature business with global capabilities. Before joining Uber, he was a chief marketing officer for Target Corp. The man is renowned for his competence in the development of retailer’s brand. He was expected to be No. 2 in the company to oversee the global operation of Uber. His tasks included leading the ride-hailing program, marketing service, customer service, and running local transportation services.

However, what he saw and experienced in Uber were not consistent with his view on the organizational culture and leadership approach. That is why he decided to resign and quit his career as a President for the company. For business analysts, Jone’s resignation had been predictable, since the company had just announced opening of career opportunity for a Chief Operating Office (COO) to work with Chief Executive Travis Kalanick run the company.

Uber President Quitted

Uber President Quitted

The fact the Uber President quitted has brought the transportation service company into a more serious turmoil. The company has been in engaged in various controversies during the last few months. These put Kalanick’s leadership and role in managing the company in question and make people question the company’s future.

The turmoil began when a former Uber employee posted a blog describing that Uber had a terrible working environment, where sexual harassment was led unpunished. The blog post urged internal investigation upon the company’s culture. Then, Kalanick was forced to make public apology after berating a driver, who complained the payment cut. The company is also facing a lawsuit from Alphabet’s Inc after being accused for stealing designs of self-driving car technology.

Uber President Quitted, Resignation Strings Continued

Before Jones, another executive, who holds an important position for Uber, Brian McClendon, also planned to resigned. He is a vice president for Uber and responsible for maps and business platform. In an interview with media, McClendon admitted that he would quit due to political reason at the end of this month. He planned to join the election next falls and wanted to participate in helping the government in managing the current fiscal crisis in Kansas.

Last month, Uber’s engineering executive – Amit Singhal – was forced to quit because of personal problem. He was alleged with sexual harassment by his previous employer, namely Alphabet’s Inc’s Google. At the beginning of March 2017, another high-level executive resigned, namely Charlie Miller – Uber’s Vice President for product and growth.

Therefore, if the company is to survive in the global competition, it has to keep its behavior in line and address many problems it has been facing during the last few months. Otherwise, the company will face even bigger problems after Uber President quitted.

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