10 Side Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Money in 2020

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Asides from having a daily 9-5 job, there are many benefits to having a side business or a side job along with your main job. Not only do you have the opportunity to earn more, but you don’t have to go through additional workload with your main job just to earn more. You also get to experience a freelance life if you’ve always wanted to experience what that felt like. It also gives you more options with different types of career field and maybe choose a business you’ve always been passionate about. If you’ve always wanted to have a side job but you have no money to start off with, you don’t have to worry about that. The following are 10 side businesses that you can partake in without worrying about money:

Side Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Money

1.) Freelance writer

If you’ve always aspired to become a writer or to earn an income through your passion for words, freelance writing is the job for you. With this side job, you have control on your own time so you can freely write your articles or your content during your own time. There are many known freelance writing sites that you can easily apply to and some require a short exam, while some don’t. You can earn a stable income with this business and you don’t have to worry about your start-up money. In addition, you don’t have to be professional or exemplary at writing to have freelance writing as a side job. All you truly need to have is dedication, some research and a bit of patience to be good at this side job, The average earnings of a freelance writer is 2,000 USD per month, depending on your skill and how many articles you can write per day.

2.) Social Media/Digital Marketing Marketing

This is the perfect job for you if you’re exposed to social media platforms and you’re knowledgeable about the usage of each social media platforms. This side job is recommended for young adults and people who are in their 20s. The purpose of digital marketing in the marketing aspect is getting a company or business’ brand out their by capturing the attention of their target marketing through the use of creative and unique advertisements and social media posts. This is a really good side job, especially since we live in a world of technological advancements.

3.) Forex Trading

As mentioned, most businesses would require a deposit which is why it’s a scarcity to find a business without any deposit. That’s where forex Trading comes in the picture, since it requires no deposit. People come into Forex market with this constant fear of having a need for deposit, but Forex Trading wants to reassure traders of this fear. When you choose to invest with the use of traditional regulated firms with Forex Trading, you reduce the risk that is involved in online trading. With Forex No Deposit Bonus, Forex actually gives you the guarantee of no investment upon trading. It’s a unique opportunity that gives you the chance to give the broker’s system a try without having to spend anything.

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4.) Research assistant

Mostly applicable for marketing, science and publishing companies, this is for people who have the extra time for doing all kinds of research. Clients usually hire research assistants for the reason that they normally lack the manpower to hire a regular employee to do this task, which is why they get this job done through freelancing all over the world. The added benefit of working as a research assistant on the side is that you get to learn something new every that’s beyond your knowledge. Your job description as a research assistant is basically doing research and presenting your data and your research to the client.

5.) Transcription jobs

This is one of the most high-maintenance side jobs that is great on focus, patience and dedication. Basically, various companies are looking for people to transcribe their audio and videos to type what they hear. People are looking for transcriptionists all over the world, which is why this is a known freelancing job that can be a side job. The only downside of this job is that it can be a lot of work, especially in having to balance this with your 9-5 job. As a transcriptionist, you are normally paid 15 USD an hour.

6.) Publishing your book on Amazon

This can cost a huge amount of your time and it’s going to take months, however, it doesn’t require any start-up money on your end. Although, you have to have an immense passion and dedication for being an author. Basically, you can self-publish your book on Amazon and they also help you in creating your book cover and even market your book for you. With Amazon being one of the leading e-commerce companies out there, Amazon is one of the best ways to get your book out there and make yourself known. You could always write during your free moments in work, or after work hours and once you’re done, you can just publish it using their KDP Publishing platform.

7.) English Tutor

This is also a really convenient side job if you find that you’re really fluent in speaking English. A lot of kids all over the world are always eager to learn English since that isn’t their medium of instruction. This is a fairly easy job and the workload doesn’t take the energy out of you in doing this. This is also a great job if you’re a sociable person and you love interacting with kids all over the world. All this job requires is a stable internet connection and a laptop, and you’re good to go. The average salary of English tutors per month is 2,000 USD.

8.) Virtual Call Center Employee

This is perfect for people with exemplary customer service skills and people who are using to dealing with customer complains. As a virtual call center, basically you’ll be handling calls about inquiries about a product and guests may go to you when they have a concern. The reason why companies hire virtual call center employees is because they’re trying to handle customers from different time zones and they’re trying to cut the costs of the company. As a virtual call center employee, you can handle calls in your own time in the space of your own home in your after-work hours or on weekends whenever you have the time. You also don’t have to worry about what you have to say when you’re dealing with calls because the company usually gives you a script on what to say with every situation that you get. Whether it’s customer complains, or what information to say to a customer, the company has you all covered.

9.) Proofreader

This is similar to that of a writing job, except you edit and proofread as you please. If you’re keen on details and grammatical errors, this is the perfect job for you. You also have control over your own time and you don’t have to rush with doing the work immediately. This job is mainly for blog posts, business advertisements and the like. Companies like to hire proofreaders just to double check and have someone to edit their work or their article before getting it out there. You don’t have to be exemplary in writing in order ti be good as a proofreader, you just have to be keen on the exact details and know which words and which paragraphs to edit.

10.) Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you basically act as an assistant of the company or the business and you just have to complete the tasks that the company is making you do. Still known as a job that has flexible hours and with no required start-up hours, being a virtual assistant isn’t a job that’s going to demand a huge amount of workload from your end. You don’t need to have any specific experience or skills to be qualified as a virtual assistant because companies all over the world are always looking for virtual assistants. Companies are in demand of virtual assistants for the reason that it lowers their company’s costs rather than hiring a regular employee, which is a similar reason to that of a virtual call center employee. Virtual assistants also earn 2,000 USD per month, varying on your skills.

In the end, it’s your own preference what side job you’re most comfortable with choosing and what job you can handle along with your main job. It’s all a matter of which kind of task seems the most compatible to you and which job you know you can handle the workload of, All of these jobs don’t require any start-up money from you and that’s the main advantage of all of these. You don’t need to invest anything in order to gain the benefits of these jobs. However, if you’re particular on having a risk-free business that makes you earn without needed investments, Forex Trade is the one for you.

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