Best Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

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To begin with, cryptocurrency can be best described as virtual currency or digital currency money. They use decentralized control, making it impossible for an individual or any government to control the cryptocurrency. The usage of decentralized technology makes it easy for users to make safe and hassle-free payments without going to the back or using any personal information. The records are maintained using a distributed public ledger known as a blockchain.

Bitcoins are the best-known cryptocurrency. They faced a fall in value a few years ago, but its bitcoins have seen its value getting double in value

in recent times. Massive growth is witnessed in the reputation and needs of crypto affiliate programs. Even though the cryptocurrency market had a crash in 2018, the demand for cryptocurrency is currently valued at around $350 US dollars.

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Unlike other affiliates programs, cryptocurrency is used as a payment method in crypto affiliate programs. The affiliate programs of bitcoin and crypto provide excellent ways to build a particular crypto audience. These affiliate programs can help their customers earn the right amount of revenue when they run their blogs, websites, or other social media accounts. It is to be kept in mind that the affiliate programs cannot be trusted because these programs are offered. So, it essential to find out the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

In this article, we are going to review some of the most popular affiliate programs in this category so that you can choose one easily.

So, let’s get started.

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Top and The Best Crypto and Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

There are specific ways that can make you find out the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Firstly, you need to check on the program’s authenticity and make sure they are a reliable source; people are using that program and earning from there. Look for those affiliate programs that give the most commission and make the payment in the least time. Also, look for the currency they are paying in because exchange rates can really affect revenues in the time to come considering the massive fluctuations in the currency rates during the pandemic.

As mentioned earlier, looking at the commission offered is one of the most important factors before choosing the best affiliate programs.

1. Binance

Most people are going to Binacne affiliate program as it gives a 20% percent commission to its customers; moreover, it is pretty easy to join as literally anyone can get affiliated there and earn a commission up to 20%. They also have their own cryptocurrency named Binance coin. Having more than 500 Binance coins can even help you earn 40%, twice the pre-set 20% commission. They also gave an option to earn 50% commission by filling out a specific form but to get into that tier is not that easy because of some strict rules and regulations.

It also helps you to gain more commission if more people get affiliated with them using your referral link. This can help you earn additional commissions of around 10 to 15%. Not for the customers; these incentives also help the company itself as it makes more signups for them. So, it is essential to deeply analyze the pros and cons of the cryptocurrency programs you are planning to get affiliated to.

Some programs might be paying you more in the short term, but they might not be as profitable in the long run, so everything should be analyzed thoroughly before finding the best affiliate program.

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2. Coinbase

Other than that, it is also essential to see the experience of the company you are planning to get affiliated with. This is what brings us to Coinbase, a very popular affiliation company in regard to cryptocurrency. Founded in 2012, they have an experience of 8 years already in the world of decentralized currencies. It uses old methods of bitcoin and crypto trading.

Unlike many other companies, fiat currency can be used to buy the cryptocurrency, and online payment services like PayPal can be used to get your payment. The impact is used as their affiliate program manager, which makes it one of the purest affiliate programs and is one of the significant USP they possess that should be kept in mind by people before choosing the best cryptocurrency programs.

Furthermore, unlimited referrals can be made, the commission is mostly based on the number of referrals you made, and commission is earned at up to 50% of referral trading fees in the first three months of the program. And you can get the payments in your local currency. Not only this, they provide their services to 42 countries, moreover insurance coverage worth up to $250000 is supplied by the company. In case you wish to get associated with them, Coinbase pro can be used where P2P trading is performed.

3. Changelly

More things needed to be considered before choosing the best bitcoin and crypto affiliate program is the amount of easiness provided. A new company in the cryptocurrency market that has seen immediate popularity in the cryptocurrency market is Changelly. Up to 150 cryptos can be traded without one needing to deposit their cash or coins with Changelly. Here one can make trade themselves by finding the best exchange rates. One can use his or her personal card to buy the cryptocurrency at a fixed fee of 0.25%. They gave a commission rate of 50% for a lifetime.

There are two ways to earn money through Changelly. Firstly, you can earn money if their widget is added to your site and secondly by an affiliate link that you will place on your site. Hence these benefits make it one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

4. Local Bitcoins

Every online work that involves is money is hardly risk-free. So, it is vital to make sure the affiliate program you select has the least amount of risks. This brings us to the site called Local Bitcoins. Established in 2012, the site allows you to trade Bitcoins almost in every country across the world. The site ultimately diminishes all sorts of risks by trading using a crypto Escrow wallet. A 20% commission will be made every time a transaction is made using your referral code. You can earn around 40% if you are to bring the buyers and sellers to their site. Commissions are made on a yearly basis.

This site might not be considered the best cryptocurrency affiliate program in terms of the commission made or the quickness of the payment. Still, it assures absolute risk-free work in the world of cryptocurrency is the fact that gives it an edge over other affiliate programs.

5. Trezor

As mentioned earlier, keeping your money secured is the most essential factor that needs to be looked at before choosing the best cryptocurrency affiliate program. A site called Trezor affiliate program ensures maximum safety by keeping your currency secured in a blockchain, which in this case are the hardware wallets in which you keep your cryptocurrencies secured.

With Trezor, you can keep your personal key in a hardware wallet affiliates can earn up to 12 to 15% for every sale that is made for a Trezor wallet.

Taxes are never an easy thing to understand, so it is always better to know how much you owe to the government so that you do not find yourself in trouble.

6. CryptoTrader.Tax

This brings us to a site called CryptoTrader.Tax, not only does the place provides its affiliates with a 25% commission, it calculates the amount of taxes that are supposed to be paid automatically by looking at the trading documents. This quality gives them a great advantage and as an additional edge over other sites.


Above, we have discussed quite a few tips and important things that should be looked upon before deciding the best cryptocurrency affiliate program. Not just the information, we have also discussed a few popular cryptocurrency affiliate programs that provide its customers with the best services.

Many people just consider the commission factor and make their decisions based on their basis. Some companies might be paying a higher commission, but that does not guarantee that it will be the best in every regard. One should keep a clear eye on the security of the site they are using. Going for more money and ignoring the risks can make you lose a tremendous amount of money and might make you regret your decision later.

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Not just that, it is essential to analyze the easiness the sites provide, select the place that gives you the easiest way to make purchases and other transactions. Furthermore, look for insurance, the site that offers more insurance would mean even if you make some loss or some sort of problem occurs, you might be compensated later.

Taxes are also an essential factor that needs to be considered. Some companies might have a different policy and might result in charging more taxes, eventually leading to smaller profits compared to other sites. After all, the things, as mentioned earlier, are considered to make a list and choose the best cryptocurrency affiliate program on the basis of the combination that provides everything so that you can earn good money in a safe and secure way.

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