How Google AdWords Works and How It Affects Your SEO

Google AdWords is an advertising system from Google. It is a paid-for service where the advertiser, that is, the person selling products or services online will pay and then gets to pick the keywords that they would like to appear on Google search. The advertisers have to bid for the keywords, and the more that one is willing to pay for keywords in a certain niche, the higher the likelihood that the keywords will appear in the search results of Google. However, please note that if you are the only bidder for given keywords, then you will be forced to pay the maximum amount per click, irrespective of how much you had bid to pay for every click.

All advertisers have to bid for keywords

You have an online business; you qualify to be an advertiser. Advertisers with Google AdWords program bid for keywords and therefore you need to set aside a budget. Some keywords cost more, some less – go with what fits your budget. The secret here is that if you get the keywords at a high cost per click, then their chance of appearing in the first page search results will be high.

google adwordsWhen starting out, use the cost per click (CPC) bidding system, where you will pay a certain amount to Google every time a person clicks on your ad. You will be allowed to set the maximum CPC. This is the highest amount of money that you will pay every time a person clicks on your ad. As a beginner, it is best that you start with the lowest amount allowed.

How many visits to your page can get you a purchase? 10, 20? Again, it is not an exact science, but maybe you can tell on average. If 15 visits get you one purchase, going for the lowest cost per click, say, of $1, will suffice. Thus, for your AdWords expense, there is no recommended amount. Go with your budget!

Will ending Google AdWords campaign affect your traffic?

Most people would like to believe that their organic traffic will remain the same when they end their AdWords campaign. However, some people report a 20% drop in organic traffic, others report more. SEO professionals however advise you to use paid-for together with organic traffic to increase the ads click-through rate. That way, even if there will be a drop in organic traffic when you end your Google AdWords campaign, there will still be sustainable paid-for traffic.

How to improve the quality of your ads

Setting up your AdWords campaign requires professional assistance. The team that you hire will also tweak your ads so that they can appeal to visitors. Why is it important to tweak the ads? Firstly, today’s websites are responsive, meaning that they can be accessed via mobile. However, the mobile searchers hate using lengthy words because of the typing restrictions. Thus, keywords with fewer characters are best for ads targeted at mobile users.

Another important thing is to include keywords in the text that you will put in the ad. That way, people will know that the ad is about so that if it resonates with their needs, they can click it. If you use keywords that are too generic, that may not be very helpful. Try using keywords like Florida Holiday Package as opposed to Florida Holiday, and so on.

AdWords or SEO – what is best for you?

Between AdWords and SEO, what is the best way for you to market your business online? Both are very important when you are running your online campaigns. Both are important aspects of search engine marketing. However, there are many outstanding differences among them:

1. SEO offers a wider scope, a wider field to get more traffic as opposed to AdWords, which is targeted at Google websites only. That way, you may not get traffic from other search engines. SEO targets traffic from all search engines.

2. You pay for AdWords traffic; you do not have to pay for SEO.

3. SEO traffic is long-term while AdWords traffic stops with the end of the campaign

4. The good news is … you can run a fully-fledged SEO campaign as well as AdWords at the same time, on the same site.

Why it is better to use AdWords as you wait for SEO to take hold

Are there any benefits to your organic traffic when you are using AdWords? About this one, the jury is still out there. Many people believe that the two techniques are independent of each other. This is somehow true because AdWords traffic stops when you end the campaign. The good thing is; you may get many return customers coming back even after ending the campaign if they loved your site and your products & services.


There … you have seen how Google AdWords works, how to choose and bid for keywords and how that affects your traffic. You can conclude that AdWords does help somehow in making your SEO strategy effective. With the information that you have learned here, you now know whether to embark on Google AdWords campaign or not.

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