How Forex Affiliate CPA Works

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Affiliate CPA programs are a way to earn from forex without actively trading the financial market. Affiliate programs are popular online business models and involve client acquisition by the affiliate partner in return for a compensation. Affiliate marketing is similar across all industries but each has its peculiarities. However, just as the right knowledge of forex is necessary to make profits, so does forex affiliate marketing require understanding.

What is forex affiliate CPA ?

CPA is short for Cost Per Acquisition, a term used to describe the net cost in acquiring one customer. However, in affiliate marketing it is understood as the profits made in bringing a customer into a network and receiving a one-time commission on that inbound customer. Forex affiliate CPA is thus a mutually satisfying understanding or arrangement between a company (usually a broker or trading institution) and an individual in which the individual brings more customers to the company and gets paid a single fee for each customer when certain stipulated conditions are met. The company benefits from the deposits and increase trading volume as well as an increase in the number of customers they have.

Forex affiliate programs are designed to bring in active traders. This is a way to use locals who live in various countries of the world to get potential customers from those areas, thus saving the forex company money on advertising costs. It also helps the forex company reach places and markets they could not ordinarily have accessed. Ultimately, affiliate programs benefit the affiliates and also increase the company’s profits.

Features of forex affiliate CPA

How Forex Affiliate CPA Works

  1. Favorable trading conditions: Forex Brokers know that to keep a customer thy need to offer good trading conditions. This is why benefits such as cashbacks, bonuses and other incentives are provided to customers brought in via these channels. These favorable conditions make it easier for the affiliate to “sell” the broker to potential clients.
  2. One-time commission per referral: In a forex affiliate program, you get paid a one-time commission when a trader registers via your link, funds and trades with the account. However, some brokers offer different affiliate structures that sees affiliates earn commissions up to the third or fifth generation of traders registered under their network. They may also earn commissions per trade, but that is with a combination of other affiliate programs.
  3. Different payment routes: Some brokers offer the choice of paying affiliates by funding a trading account for them. This is often not compulsory and is left entirely at the discretion of the affiliate.
  4. Volume-based commission: Most commissions are based on the deposit volume. i.e. if the volume is higher, the commission per acquisition would be higher too.
  5. Constant work needed to make more money: Affiliates have to recruit new clients always in order to get commissions. The more the clients, the higher the commission earned.

Advantages of affiliate CPA

  1. The major benefit which affiliate CPA offers is that affiliate partners do not have to wait for clients on their network to earn profits before they do. Because CPA affiliates get paid instantly when their referral makes a deposit, it is faster and easier to make affiliate income doing CPA marketing. Revenue sharing takes a longer time and depends on the revenue performance.
  2. Potential for more returns: In addition to trading, an affiliate can earn more by partnering a CPA program.

How to Grow Your CPA Network

Getting high value forex traffic is not unlike getting traffic to a website. However, the process requires the affiliate marketer to bring traders who will register and earn them commissions.

There are different ways to find traffic but the best are:

  1. Search engine advertisements: Those ads you see at the top of search engine result pages are paid for. It places their referral links at a prominent position where potential customers can easily see them. You can also take advantage of this to promote your link and bring new people into your CPA network. You can target specific keywords to bring your ads to the right audience. The best thing is that you only pay when your link is clicked.
  2. Sponsored web banners: You can also create banners on major websites where visitors can use your link with a single click. Banners should be prominent and clickable. The ROI is reasonable; about 85% of banner costs may be recovered from having the first three people sign up via your link.
  3. Digital magazine and newsletter ads: By placing ads on online magazines and newsletters, you can get people to join your forex CPA network. Focus on magazines that are dedicated to financial and economic news as well as investment and trading opportunities. If for example, you spend about $150 on ads, and on each client you receive $50 commission, you will be in profits when you have just four clients. And this number is quite achievable within a two weeks or less. Target reputable and popular magazines with a wide reach.
  4. Personal website and mailing list: Another way is to publish your own website and make regular, highly informative posts about forex trading and its benefits. You can grow your website and get new clients onto your CPA network. You may also decide to grow your own mailing list on your website and reach thousands of people at once. You can build your own simple website using content management software or contract someone to design one for you. Within a few weeks, your site should be on the search engine result pages.
  5. Social media ads: The social media space is huge and filled with potential forex traders. You only need to identify the right audience for your message; those interested in forex trading and looking for the best brokers to register with. By placing targeted ads, you are sure to reach them and find clients. The process might be tricky for a newbie, but by constant practice, you can become proficient at it. Keep your daily ad budget in range and target a tidy ROI.

Can you make more money from Forex CPA Affiliate ?

Of course! The top affiliate earners even do more than forex traders in monthly revenue. Imagine recruiting 50 people in your affiliate network and each of them brings in a commission of $300. The best thing is that there is no limit to the number of clients you can bring in.

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