Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

What are affiliate programs, and how can you make money on them?

A referral program is a kind of contract between the seller and partners, concluded intending to sell a product or service. It allows the seller to reduce the cost of attracting the customer and the partner to earn his commission of income from the sale of goods or services.

Affiliate programs can be single-level. In this case, you earn only on a purchase made by the person you attracted (referral person). Also, they can be multi-level.

For example, with a two-level scheme, you can earn not only a commission of the purchases of goods or services by your visitors. But also receive a part of the income of those users who became program partners using your referral link. So you also earn by attracting new referral persons. Sometimes you can make money on the referrals of your referrals (third level), and so on.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

To start earning on the affiliate program, it is usually enough to sign up and get a unique referral link. It includes an individual identifier, which will determine that the visitor came thanks to your efforts.

You can place the ref link wherever you want. For example, put it on your site in the form of a hyperlink or a colorful banner (either in specially written for this case or thematic articles). You can also place it on the forum or in the contextual advertisement. The main thing is to click on it. And it would bring new visitors to the seller’s resources.

Many sites have their affiliate programs for webmasters, designed to attract new users. After you register in any of these affiliate programs, you will get a ref link with which you will begin to recruit your visitors. If one of your visitors becomes your referral, then you can earn a commission on his total income on the affiliate program.

Now, when you know how do affiliate programs work, let us check which of them are the best ones.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Before choosing an affiliate program, you should always check some information about it. It will be great to read the reviews, find out how long it is present on the market, and check the offers (goods or services) you need to promote. Most affiliate programs work on the CPA model.

So you found the affiliate program and decided to start working with it. Read the forums and see reviews of other people. Do they pay money on time? How long have they been on the market? Do they have convenient tools? Does support work well?

1) Forex affiliate program

An affiliate program is a convenient form of mutually beneficial cooperation between a brokerage company and a partner user. The process uses the mechanism of attracting new customers to the broker’s site. You can get money for new users or their actions.

Almost any adult person can become a broker’s partner. And you will promote the services of the company and attract new customers using the materials and technologies provided. Your earnings will depend on how many future traders you can find, and how well they will work.

The level of earnings directly depends on the format of the program, the number of attracted customers, as well as the volume and quality of transactions of these traders.

Most often, Top Forex brokers offer two types of affiliate commission fees:

  • the share of the spread (Revenue Share), amounting to about 10-50% of the amount received by the company on transactions of the attracted person. Earnings can differ significantly in different programs, as the broker can work with a dynamic or a fixed rate;
  • a one-time payment for the attracted client (CPA). Your commission depends on the deposit made by the client after the creation of the trading account.

Those types of brokerage rewards can be combined, and the partner has the opportunity to get several commission fees.

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The Forex broker earns on the transaction spread that he charges the trader. That is, if the broker’s commission from a single trader will be 100 dollars a day, then your profit will be 20 dollars. Different brokers deduct different percentages to agents. Sometimes it is only 10%, and sometimes it grows up to 50% or more.

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This platform allows you to work with different advertisers. Here you will find more than 1,000 offers for promotion, Their clients are more than 640 online stores of various brands, from AIiexpress to T-Mobile. Professional webmasters can earn several thousand dollars per day using this resource. has all the necessary tools to work. These are detailed statistics, a deep link generator, integration with Google Adwords, and much more to facilitate routine duties for a webmaster.

How to get started with

First, sign up as a webmaster. Then you will need to create a traffic platform. The platform can be your thematic site, Facebook group, or YouTube channel. After that, wait for the site verification and you can start using the offers that interest you.

How can you make money with

Let’s give some examples of how you can make money on this affiliate program. Now there is a boom in goods from Chinese stores such as or So, webmasters create traffic platforms specifically for such stores. It may be a group on Facebook, where you post inexpensive and attractive products.

The next way is using YouTube channels with unboxing. This method is not suitable for everyone since not everyone wants to upload videos to the network.

Another way that we consider the most intriguing and promising is creating a site with reviews and opinions. You do not have to write reviews yourself, but to stimulate people to write them. That is, a person ordered something from China and wrote a detailed article on it. Then he makes a post on your site for some money. You can motivate them with bonuses.

Attracting such reviewers will not be easy, but the content amount will be tremendous. Accordingly, traffic will amount to millions of visitors per month. You will insert an affiliate link into these reviews.

3) Coinbase

The cryptocurrency world continues to evolve. The number of ways to get cryptocurrency has become almost limitless. Also, many companies offer various methods of getting passive cryptocurrency income. Referral programs launched by some of them allow you to make extra money by attracting traffic to their sites.

Becoming a crypto partner is a big step towards a regular income. To join the affiliate program, as a rule, you need to sign up on the network. You will then receive a unique code or URL. When the person you bring to the site registers or trades on it, you get your commission.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is one of the best bitcoin trading platforms. It allows you to trade on the Coinbase Pro platform. It also processes bitcoin payments. The Coinbase referral program offers 50% as a reward from their commissions for three months (after attracting a new client to the site).

The platform also pays $ 10 in BTC currency when a referral sells or buys BTC for $ 100 within 180 days after signing up. Payments are made daily and paid in local currency.

4) Logaster

Logaster is an online generator of logos, business cards, and envelopes. The only thing you should do to make money is to place a referral link on your website. Logaster provides you with an individual labeled link to know how many customers are yours. You will only need to advertise the service sharing a link and receive commissions from sales on it.

How does it work?

The Logstar affiliate program is similar to many other referral platforms.

  • Place a link or banner on your website.
  • Visitors of your site follow the referral link to Logaster.
  • You receive a commission of sales made by customers, who come to Logstar site thanks to you.

Benefits of the Logaster Referral Program:

  • High commission rate from 40 to 60% and timely payout;
  • Direct beautiful links that do not deter users;
  • 5 $ bonus for new partners;
  • Payments made in any way convenient for you;
  • Commission for attracting new referrals.

5) Dr. Cash

Dr.Cash is a pharmaceutical affiliate program designed for international consumers. It started in 2016. Dr.Cash proposes exclusive offers, the round-the-clock call center with a staff of 600 specialists, and quite frequent payments (twice a day).

Features of the affiliate program:

  • Service is available in many languages;
  • Payment Model is CPA;
  • For most offers, there is no hold.

Advantages of Dr.Cash

  • Offers

The affiliate program operates on a CPA scheme with a fixed price for the lead. Dr.Cash sells products for male potency, weight loss, joint problems, as well as beauty products.

The list of offers is presented in the form of a table with information about:

  1. Payments;
  2. Approvals for the current day;
  3. Approvals for a week;
  4. Demand among webmasters.
  • Promotional materials

The affiliate program offers landing pages and pre-landing pages for download and quality certificates for products.

  • Approval rate

The approval rate on average is 25-40% and can reach 50-75% with competent advertising campaigns.

6) Amazon Associates

Amazon allows you not only to buy something you need but also to earn becoming a member of its affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is the most profitable affiliate program. Here you have the opportunity to receive income from sales of goods in the form of commission: from 1% to 15% of total sales. Purchasing on is like going to the store to buy some bread. It means that you have a good chance of getting 15% of the deal.

How to start?

The registration process is simple, but it consists of several stages and requires filling out a couple of forms. To get started, go to the site and click on “Join us for free” and “Create your Amazon account”.

The first stage is filling in the account data: country, city, address, phone number, etc. Then the system will redirect you further. Here you need to specify the site where you plan to place the affiliate code.

Specify the ways to create traffic and the reason for joining the Amazon Associates program. The next step is the verification of your mobile phone number. During confirmation, you need to enter a unique PIN code.

How to get an affiliate code?

The fastest way is to use the Site Stripe tool (Tools section). The tool also allows you to generate a shortened version of the link. The DeepLink generator is in the Product Linking in the Link To Any Page section.

Amazon Associates has several tools for creating advertising objects:

  • Banners;
  • Product Links;
  • Link To Any Page;
  • aStore;
  • SiteStrip panel;
  • Advertising for mobile applications;

After a while, you will receive a letter confirming that you are an official partner of the Associates Program.

What is the commission rate?

It depends on two factors:

  1. Product categories.
  2. The number of sales per month.


There are 3 ways to withdraw earnings:

  • Via gift cards (there must be at least $ 10 in the account).
  • Direct Deposit (only for US users).
  • Bank check (minimum $ 100, operating costs $ 15).


The principal task of the webmaster is to find the target audience who will request writing the essay. The attractiveness of the niche is that the webmaster can earn money from each attracted student throughout the education. The average annual student pays about $ 500 for the content. Support allows the client to order homework, scientific papers, and dissertations, which gives passive income to webmasters.

Features of Garlic.Cash:

  • High rate for rebills of 50% of the order
  • Referral Commission of 10%
  • Operational support
  • Payouts on the day of the request to PayPal
  • Promotional materials like banners, keywords, iframe order forms, and other promos (on request).

8) ExpertMobi

ExpertMobi is an affiliate program that works with all types of traffic. The total number of offers is 2000+. The number of niches can also surprise even the most sophisticated arbiter: adult, app download, dating, health & beauty, gambling, entertainment subscription, incentive, Mac download, DDL.

Benefits of working with ExpertMobi:

  • a great number of partners in various areas of Internet marketing;
  • wide geo and niche coverage;
  • a large number of offers;
  • the affiliate program works with direct advertising;
  • a regularly updated list of offers, which can be supplemented on request;
  • withdrawals to various payment systems.

9) PDL-Profit

PDL-Profit is an international CPA network in the financial niche. Even though the affiliate program announced itself only in September 2019, its founders are far from newcomers.

They are also the founders of the top affiliate program in essay-niche – Edu-Profit. Nobody has tried to enter the market with such favorable conditions for the webmasters as PDL-Profit. This CPA network was created to make your work in the financial niche as comfortable and profitable as possible.

The company is moving towards creating the greatest product that will be a more profitable intermediary between the market and webmasters.

PDL-Profit Features

  • 23 top offers (the number is constantly growing) in Europe, Asia, and America;
  • statistics with information on traffic, indicators, available funds;
  • instant payments on request on PayPal.

10) Hype Offers

Hype Offers is a relatively young, but promising European affiliate program. They offer only new offers in the Beauty and Health segment and high rates. All products are certified and manufactured in Europe according to EU standards. Besides, the products get a lot of positive reviews among customers.

What are the features of Hype Offers?

  • 15 locations in Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Estonia);
  • 90+ ready-made connections;
  • approval rate up to 70%;
  • commission rates up to 26 € per lead;
  • payments on request;

Besides, they will provide you with text translations from native speakers, analytics, and technical assistance.


As you see, affiliate marketing is a quite promising and profitable way to make money. So do not wait, create a website or blog and become a member of one of the 10 best affiliate programs.

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