5 Content Marketing Mistakes in 2019 and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that more than 82% of companies use content marketing to reach the audience? This is according to Nielsen’s CMO Report (2018). The report adds that the remaining 18% of the equation is working on strategies to improve their customer’s reach tactics.

Simply put, content marketing is the art of sharing content materials with the audience. Unlike the commercials, content marketing is meant to entertain, educate, and meet the ultimate needs of existing customers. Content marketing, also known as digital marketing, use the central idea that a brand must give the target audience something valuable. In return, the brand gets positive reviews and rankings in the market.

For all the listed advantages, digital marketing comes with some barriers- challenges. However, the good thing is, planning in advance can help you avoid the common marketing mistakes committed by many content marketers. Here are the mistakes you’ve to avoid in 2019.

1. Inconsistent Publishing

Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies To Boost SalesThe process of engaging important prospects and building your brand to meet customers’ demands is continuous. The point is, customers, come to rely on you as a reliable source of information and insight when you keep posting regularly. In content marketing, the need to publish original, fresh, and informative content can’t be emphasized enough.

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You can go against the odds and hit large marketing goals. A planned approach-strategy- can help maintain your quality whilst keeping your interests high.

HINT: Have you tried the editorial calendar yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing an opportunity of a lifetime to track the progress of your content marketing campaign. An editorial calendar helps you to check on the progress of content ideas, categories, published posts, and posts in progress. Use the Google calendar or Excel spreadsheet to create your calendar.

2. Falling Short on Resources

Posting your content regularly is a sure way that will grab your prospective customers’ attention. But, what if you don’t have enough resources to keep up with the clients- content- demands? Ever heard of non-sustainable content marketing? That’s the tragedy that can befall you.

This being a consistent stumbling block for most of the companies, what can be the deadline to attain consistency? From promotional content to social media posts, you need a plethora of content.

In such a situation, digital influencers have set the pace and proved to be the game changer. Whether you need social media posts or website content, digital influencers can help you capture you your readers’ attention in the most authentic and credible manner. Remember, always opt for the influencers’ already creating content for your target market.

3. Failing to Secure Commercial Usage Rights

Most of the content marketers assume they can share, edit, or republish online content without asking for permission. Such a simple mistake can drag your brand’s name to the ground. That’s a mistake you don’t want to commit in 2019. To avoid copyright infringement problems, which is lethal and expensive for that matter, always secure materials and content rights.

Securing copyrights from prospect owners may seem expensive, but it’s worth it.

4. Creating one-and-done Content

In content marketing, consistency is a key issue to observe. As a marketer, why create one-time-only content when you can invest money and time and get a great piece that will guarantee your return on investment. Creating a one-0and-done content makes you miss the opportunity to extend your reach and hit your target audience in real time.

In this digital era, becoming the top of mind for potential customers is the best thing that can hit your company. That said, you can repurpose your content to create repetition and improve your ROI.

Have you ever thought of building loyalty and trust with your target market as a new form of marketing strategy? To achieve this, you need to create compelling and credible content altogether. The underlying point is, you need to drive more sales and engagement to your brand.

5. Missing Calls to Action and Sales Funnel

Most content marketers make a simple mistake by ignoring most parts of the sales funnel. In this era, taking the assumption that content marketing is only appropriate for lead generation and creati9ng outreach is totally hitting rock bottom. No matter where your audiences are, content keeps them together in terms of loyalty and trust.

For the discovery phase, you can opt for videos and blog posts- educational- to reach your audience. Remember, different types of materials can be customized and strategized to fit the various parts of your sales funnel. As a smart marketer, you shouldn’t forget a call to action in your content. It works miracles.

The Bottom Line

Whether your primary aim is increasing credibility or improving your ROI, driving more engagement to your brand is a key aspect that can’t be under weigh. Every content marketer produces fresh content with high hopes that more audience will discover their brand. So far, you must have realized that digital marketing results are only as good as your marketing approach. To avoid making content marketing mistakes and encountering pitfalls in your line of the campaign, always consider planning in advance.


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