Top 6 Ways To Create Quality Social Media Content

So you want to increase the quality of your content on social media websites. This is not a difficult task if you have the right steps and the drive to do it. There are many reasons for doing this it may be to boost the amount of traffic to your business, increase the click through rate or increase the engagement with your page. Whatever it may be the measures below will help make your goals a reality.

1. Be original

The first step is to be as original as possible. The content that you post should be of your own making. This will give your site more of a unique and fresh feel. Use your creativity to tell a story of your brand that your audience can connect to. Coming up with original content can be what sets you apart from other brands on social media that use regurgitated content. Also come up with new ideas as often as possible to keep your content interesting and up to date.

2. Prioritize quality over quantity

Top 6 Ways To Create Quality Social Media Content

Some brands tend to post too much on social media. Bombarding your followers with hundreds of posts a day may not work in your favor. It may actually affect the quality of your page if you have too many random meaningless posts. Developing a schedule and planning ahead on which posts to put up will make it that much easier to have quality content that is not too overwhelming for your audience in terms of numbers.

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3. Consistency is key

The frequency of when you post on social media can be make or break for your page. These days uploading photos and videos just once every two weeks or once a month simply isn’t enough. Your goal should be to increase engagement with your page and people want to see new and fresh content at least once a week. Create a routine around when you post even having a specific time as to when you post is an added advantage. Luckily there are apps that are tailored to this very thing such as Hootsuite, Sproutsocial and Buffer which are free of charge.

4. Make use of photos and videos

The visual aspect of content creating adds a whole other medium to your site. A photo truly is worth a thousand words and this can help you speak volumes to your customers with only a few pictures. As of 2019, video makes up 80% of internet traffic which is means more than half your audience engages with videos on a daily basis. Including videos in your strategy will be a step up for your brand and will increase the amount of potential clients.

5. React to your audience

Keep your followers engaged by responding to comments, messages, emails and creating online polls to initiate debates. This will help you stay more in touch with your customers and understand what they want from your brand. Encourage your followers to share your posts and offer their input in a positive way which will undoubtedly increase your reach and create content for your site.

6. Pay attention to the numbers

After doing all you can to increase quality you can now begin to track the quantity of people engaging with your page. Measure your increase in reach by the number of social media followers gained since the beginning of the strategy. You can also track the number of clicks on your page if you’re offering a product and the number of page visits in the last month. The goal is to have a positive increase in engagement and ensuring that you don’t steer away your existing followers.

All in all improving your social media presence requires time and effort. For all businesses social media platforms have become a competitive space but it all comes down to the quality of your content and the right marketing strategy. With this you will be well on your way to boosting traffic and increasing the number of visitors to your page.

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