What Is The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

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There are many crypocurrency systems that have launched and also been around for many years and is many different crypto sites are becoming popular as we approach 2018. Many people are looking into crypto currency as a payment method rather than the usual types of currency based services.

As we get nearer to the future of 2018, more and more people are looking into these platforms to gain more of an insight into the opportunities that are on offer to benefit individuals and also groups of people who are interested in making more interest overall.


Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018
Bitcoin has become very popular this year and will become even more popular in the year to come. It seems Bitcoin is more of a risk to invest in due to the problems that can occur in terms of losing bit coins. There is more regulation now in compliance based markets and there is looking to be much more activity in 2018 was more businesses consider Bitcoin services and benefit from increases prices.

One of the benefits of Bitcoin is that there is user anonymity, meaning that any purchases that are made will not be traced back and are not obvious. The transactions will never be linked to a person’s identify or associate to their contact details, unlike credit cards. Also each time a transaction is made, the purchase address changes each time.

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There is also no link to other third party companies such as the government and banks. The way the system works, only allows for transactions to be made from peer to peer with each purchase, and does not associate with outside companies.


Ethereum has become a popular crypocurrency system that has matched the likes of Bitcoin in some ways; however ETH has had some lag against Bitcoin and also lost USD value from a peak value. The Market gap is currently moving towards to 20% mark much like Bitcoin and other companies.

The transactions made through Ethereum stands much higher companies to Bitcoin’s block chain. There are further developments in the pipeline such as private z snarks transactions that can accelerate new applications into the system.

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The number of transactions obviously differs from the likes of Bitcoin as there is more value within each transaction and Ethereum is more utility coin based.


IOTA offers a productive, secure and light system for real time transactions that can make life easy, as there are no additional fees involved when making transactions . IOTA is an open source crypocurrenccy eco system that is specifically designed for the service of interest of things and is reliable as well as efficient.

The technology side of things with IOTA can be hard to understand at first but eventually when things start rolling, the system itself become clearer and easy to use.

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In terms of trading, Binance is the set destination for trading with IOTA with 0.1 Percent Trading Fee.

The platform for IOTA is forming an environment for the Internet of Everything and offering a system that can connect, expand and communicate with other bridges networks and work with both sides. The interaction with IOTA is a key element these days in the modern economy that we live in – with the mega data that surrounds us everywhere there is many prospects and advantages to using this system.


Dash especially is a token controlled cryptography platform specialising in block chains and moving private money monitored and controlled by a particular community that are able to run the system in a fashion that will ensure safety and reliability.

Dash is very much similar to Bitcoin is many ways, one of the main reasons being because they both use block chain as a database to run between updates of value with individuals that may not be 100% valid. The core difference with these systems is based on the government model, for example Dash is governed by owner Masternode, and Bitcoin is governed by third party via black chain. With Dash private transactions can be made with no connection to a person identify much like Bitcoin and other similar platforms.

Transactions are therefore untraceable in the present and future and cannot be linked back to anything other than the individuals own private records that they may hold. Transactions can also be made to any one in any part of the world given there is a secure internet connection, which in most places there is, everywhere.

There are also servers that function to use the features such as private send, instant send and also the governance system that all work to ensure privacy and anonymity. With 1000 dash coins, anyone from any part of the world can also create their own transactions to flow between peers with low transaction fees overall.


Ripple is a real time transaction between people system that essentially enables people to exchange money through the system to individuals without a record of location or a specific bank identity , this features ensures that privacy is taken into account and user anonymity is standard much like Bitcoin and other similar platforms. When using Ripple and purchasing their services, XRP  is also automatically bought in accordance with the platform – essentially XRP fuels Ripple and the whole background processes.

The system was first launched in 2012 and has become popular since with many investors interested in these types of system, especially digital currency. Ripple is one of the first currency based platforms to be able to a working functional system that allows exchanges. Ripple teamed up with the best of the best, who had experience in digital currency and knew what this field was about.

These individuals are also familiar and have had working with Bitcoin prior, so understand the competition and requirements of those who wish to use digital currency within investments.  Ripple’s cofounders are part in parcel of the team; CEO Chris Larsen and Jed Mccalab who is CTO – even though there is close bond with Open Coin and Ripple it is important for investors to understand the connection between the currency and how it is handed within both system and the world in general.

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When it comes to transferring money to other individuals away from the standard form of your bank, it can be complicated and difficult, however Ripple like many other companies alike can ensure that smooth payments are successful – by using Interledger Protocols that use blockchain technology that is advanced and efficient; this feature makes Ripple efficient and overall a platform to use and invest in. Interledger protocol platforms have been around for a while and have proven to work – times have changed and now it is easy to make transactions.

Ripple is able to make the process of transactions  easy and less hassle – by using a digital channel to  make monetary payments Ripple can enhance the method of easy payment transfer and ensure money is transferred safely and correctly. There are dangers to joining a channel that may not be fully safe but with Ripple it is effective and safe to secure money and exchange safely without losing money.

The team within Ripple are working to develop much more assets within the platform that will enhance the overall feel for customers and have a platform for everyone to exchange anything to want safely.


Overall each of these platforms has their own unique advantages that are progressive to the digital currency industry and will continue to become successful in their workings with those interested in these crypto currency systems. Among these systems there are many others that have been around for a while or are going to hit the market with their offers but it is important to choose wisely and know how it affects investors in the short and long term with their money. With 2018 fast approaching there is much more to come in terms of crypto currency and advancements in this field.

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