The Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Choosing the best cloud storage for photos and videos can be a crucial and demanding task at the same time. There are hundreds of cloud storage solutions available making it a challenge to choose the best that meets your needs. Each of the solutions comes with different capacities and offers a variety of services. As a result, how do you go about picking the Best Cloud Storage for photos and Videos?

The Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos

Below are the top factors to consider in making the right choice.

  • Security features

Most people assume their data is safe on mere prospects that a cloud solution has a huge market presence with a recognized title. However, there is more to consider when it comes to securing your data. First, ask the provider on the security measures they provide and the apparatuses used to keep your photos and videos. Also, ensure you absolutely know the precise capacities each party controls. Good examples of cloud solutions that offer the best resources for securing applications include Azure, Google cloud, AWS among others.

Additionally, have a look at free additional security features for every cloud solution you assess as well as the paid services. Go an extra mile and consider specific areas you will need to complement with third-party machinery. A good cloud provider should make the entire development reasonably simple by listing all paid services, additions and security features on their own websites. Security is everything when it comes to choosing a solution for your photos and videos, hence don’t hesitate to ask an in-depth and clear question relevant to your needs.

  • Availability and resilience policies

To achieve good stability of data, clouds are designed with laid-off architectures. Yet, not everything is applicable to all mission-critical platforms. Whatever that works best for active data may do the same with cold storage. Also, a cloud solution can manipulate its figures to substantiate a point. Therefore trade carefully even when it comes to best cloud solutions. For instance, Google cloud affirmed to have the best uptime score in the year 2016 as compared to other cloud solutions. Also, Microsoft made a statement claiming the true figures were uptime averages per area since they have many regions compared to Google cloud.

  • Location

The precise location for storing your data matters a lot. You may wonder how does this work yet data is stored over the internet. Well, data is usually stored on different physical locations depending on your cloud provider. The internet only plays a role of transferring the date. Before you store your videos of photos, you need to understand the country’s relevant laws. The reason is that a country’s laws will greatly affect the control and accessibility of the data. You also need to conduct a risk analysis of natural disasters such as hurricanes. A good cloud solution should have a plan to protect your photos and videos in the event of an emergency.

  • Bandwidth

This is applicable when it comes to transferring photos and videos. Most cloud solutions have high-performance storages for computing processes as compared to the cold platforms. This means they have little control over bandwidth management. As a user, your wide area network (WAN) is the determinant factor on the security and performance points. Your software may have or lack local acceleration features depending on the number of videos or photos you are transferring. Therefore ensure your cloud solution provides features matching your bandwidth needs.

  • Service level agreement

This factor gives a rough idea of what the cloud solution does for your needs as well as your own responsibilities. For instance, SLA outlines the type of data store, means of storage, protection, ways of solving problems and more. Basically, it seeks to make you understand how the cloud solution functions. Therefore, ensure you fully understand the service level agreement of a potential cloud solution to choose the best one.

  • Management

There are many levels of management tools available for different users. While self-service management may not be the best choice, it can be a requirement for compliance purposes. Know the offered management options and the extent of training required to master the DIY management tools. This way, you will be in a better position to pick on the best cloud storage for your photos and videos.

  • Architecture

Consider how the architecture is going to be integrated into your workflows before deciding on a cloud solution. For instance, you may have to carry on with Azure if your storage uses Microsoft solutions. The reason is that Microsoft universe provides user licenses as well as free credits. If you have been using Google cloud, then go for solutions with ease of integration.

In addition, understand the differences between the three major providers. While they provide the same architectures, their archival storages are different. Understand the different options for data storage and retrieval before settling on a specific cloud solution.

  • Multi-cloud

Some users invest in one cloud solution to store their photos and videos. As time goes by, they continue to add services with the same cloud solution. The advantage of this strategy is that it allows one to easily subscribe to extra services with a single provider. However, this move comes with a price. It is impractical for one solution to optimize all the workloads. It’s therefore advisable to go for multi-cloud platforms where your needs equally translate the solution expertise.

  • Compliance

The cloud solution should be compliant to the state or federal laws. This means the ability to observe privacy laws related to data storage and access. As a result, choose cloud storage compliant on regulatory offerings as well as privacy laws.

  • Pricing

Cost is another important factor to consider when it comes to choosing the best storage for your photos and videos. Cheap clouds can be an indicator of poor services or not. Also, costly clouds do not necessarily mean quality services. You should choose a cloud that offers value for your money. There are several factors to consider when reviewing the pricing plans.

  • Storage costs- Cost will vary depending on the type and amount of data stored. If you plan to store your photos and videos on an online folder, then you will require huge storage.
  • Access- Storing your data on cool storage is quite affordable. However, it can be costly if you egress a large volume of data on a regular basis.


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