The Best VPN Service Providers for Android, iPhone or Windows

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Essentially, everyone can benefit from using Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is the key solution when it comes to solving your needs such as accessing your blocked website, hiding your location and also encrypting your data.

This incredible tool was first designed for organizations whereby it was used by employees who had to connect with a certain different computer located further from them.

VPN simply creates a virtual cable that connects a computer and a server. Therefore, the cable will act as a tunnel that will make sure any data passing through it is encrypted.

Hence no one can access it in any way. This includes the government, hackers and even the ISPs.

Due to the many VPN services out there, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the best VPN service for your Android, iPhone or windows. There are various factors that should be put into consideration when choosing the right VPN for your devices.

These include:-

  • Speed

The Best VPN Service Providers for Android, iPhone or Windows

There is no denying that speed is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a VPN service provider for your Android, iPhone or windows. This is a very important characteristic that draws a clear line between the best VPN service from the average ones.

We all desire to have a faster method of uploading and downloading from the various sites we visit. For speedy services, therefore, you will need a VPN service that caters for this need.

Speed here generally implies the bandwidth or even the throughput which is actually the amount of data which can be efficiently transferred in a given amount of time.

Another key component of speed is the latency. This simply refers to the total amount of time between the sending of a request and receiving a given response from the server that you are trying to reach.
This mostly matters when it comes to real-time gaming.

Therefore while choosing the most reliable VPN service, ensure you have checked the overall speed of the service.

  • Price

The kind of VPN that you decide to use always depends on the budget that you have.

We are all aware that nothing is free in this world. Therefore as much as the numerous free VPN may seem as the best ones to go for, they never guarantee security of you logs. It’s not worth it to pick the free VPN service as it may result to dangerous outcomes like being hacked apart from missing out of the greatest features offered by the other VPNs.

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  • Security

This is another key factor to put in mind as you choose VPN service for your smartphones. It’s unfortunate that some VPN providers do not really care to recognise that as their customers, we need web security for our devices.

We all need protection from the malicious hackers who are spreading the viruses without any meaningful reason.

Therefore, as you choose a VPN provider, make an effort to inquire about the measures they are taking to ensure your security is guaranteed while using the VPN service

Always be on the lookout for the key features that will facilitate and guarantee you security.

  • VPN Provider Location

Fast connectivity and security are not the only things to consider when choosing VPN service. Availability of the VPN provider is a cornerstone in ensuring you have the best VPN service.

Having a server closer to you will help in reducing the latency and hence faster connectivity.

More so, it’s paramount to note that if your service provider is located in one of the fourteen countries that usually form the fourteen eyes accord, definitely your privacy cannot be guaranteed from the government surveillance.

These countries have an agreement of sharing and turning over of your browsing records by the VPN provider if need be.

More so, ensure you are using a VPN provider who has different locations. This will enable you to access the VPN wherever you go with much ease. Hence, always consider the server’s location when you want to choose the best VPN.

  • Protocol

All the protocols are not equal in efficiency. Hence you need to have the best protocol that is capable of achieving the highest levels of security with a lower processing overhead.

Each protocol has both its pros and cons. Therefore, its imperative to research on the best protocol for your VPN before purchasing one. There are many protocols which can be very confusing. Hence, choose the VPN that uses the best protocol based on its speed and the maximum security.

Go for the VPN providers who have the most advanced and newest VPN protocols. The protocols should also be easier and simple to set up.

  • Data Logging

Most VPNs usualy don’t keep the logs of their VPNs users. This is both beneficial to the customers and the provider.

This is because it will assure the customer of absolute privacy and it will be cheaper to the provider as they won’t have the need to invest on huge disks for storage of their users’ logs.

Always choose the VPN providers who do not keep your data.

Some providers have the tendency of logging the client’s data and this will not be solving you privacy need. However, it will be compromising the main aspect of VPN service.

  • Ease of Use

You should avoid VPN services that are difficult to use. Some VPN requires technical experts to be set up and use. However, such should not be worthy of your time.

Go for the VPN service that’s easier to use and much simpler when it comes to setting it up.

  • Number of Servers that can be Accessed

Always choose the VPN service that has a diverse and stable servers in many countries. This goes hand in hand with the location of the VPN providers.

This will enable you to access the various sites that you love with much ease.

  • Number of Concurrent Connections

Everyone desires to have a VPN access to almost all their devices. More so, you may also feel the need to connect your VPN for more than one member of your family.

Therefore, always choose the VPN that has more concurrent connections to the service. You need to have a service that will enable you to have at least two concurrent connections.

  • Kill Switch System

The perfect VPN providers always ensure that they have a killer switch system. This helps in the prevention of default opening of your computer using an unsecured network connection in case of failure of VPN connection.

Hence aim for VPN service that have the kill switch system for your privacy’s sake.

  • The Tech Support

Sometimes you may have inquiries about the various tech aspects of the VPN that you are using.

Therefore, having an assurance that your questions and problems will be heard and solved is a great key factor to consider while looking for the best VPN service for your smartphones and window devices.

There are many affordable VPN service that you should consider signing up for. This will assure you of faster and safe usage.

Those are the key factors that you should consider when it comes to using a VPN service.

The choice is entirely up to you to acquire a reliable VPN service. Use the guidelines above and choose the best VPN service that will fully satisfy your needs.

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