Top 10 High Paying Part-Time Jobs in 2019

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Do you think taking on a part-time job means low pay and uninteresting work? Think again!

Many companies are looking for part-time employees – for freelance or consulting roles on an as-needed basis, or for seasonal help with work during the busy months, The best part? Most of these part-time jobs pay really well. In fact, some of these jobs are highly specialized and quite respected in their respective fields. And the good news is: you don’t need a college degree to get started.

To help you find the job you like, we have compiled a list of the top 10 high paying part time jobs, based on their average pay and future job outlook.

Top 10 High Paying Part Time Jobs in 2019

Top 10 High Paying Part-Time Jobs

  • 1. Driver for a Ride-share Company

You probably know that driving for companies like Uber and Lyft pays handsomely. Even though the amount you will make would vary depending on the kind of demand in your city and how many hours per day you are willing to drive. Having said this, if you are serious and take out a few hours every day, you would be making some good money. Since you only drive when you want to, you have full control over your work hours. Plus, some riders pay decent tips which will add up quickly if you drive often.

  • 2. Software Engineer

If you have prior experience in programming (maybe something you studied while in school), you can work part-time as a software engineer. Such jobs pay up to $73 an hour. Another plus about this job is the positive outlook for the software industry.

As you might already know, the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and relying heavily on software applications these days. You can expect this trend to continue to with the country’s Baby Boomer generation getting older. According to the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), a medical coder earns an average of $46,800 per year.

  • 3. Freelance Editor / Proofreader

If you are not aware of this line of work, here’s an overview. Freelance editors get paid to plan, manage, review, and provide content for publication in blogs, websites, magazines, email, books, and newspapers. They determine which of the topics related to the business will appeal more to the readers and review the content produced by content writers on the team. Proofreaders, on the other hand, examine the final draft of the content, after it has been edited, and make sure there are no errors in it.

As a freelance editor, you will need to be good at managing the content calendar and communicating with the content writers. While as a proofreader, you need to be good at checking typos, spelling errors, punctuation errors, or incorrect use of grammar.

  • 4. Personal Trainer

Starting your career as a personal trainer might require you to have a proper certification just to ensure that you are qualified enough to teach physical fitness techniques the right way. Having said this, the certification is not very difficult to get and is relatively cheap as compared to other types of jobs mentioned in this list.

All you will need is a passion for personal health and fitness. If you are a gym enthusiast yourself, you will love this job – not to mention you get to decide who you work with and how much you charge them.

  • 5. Private Tutor

Students these days are getting more and more obsessed with their test scores, even their parents. Either way, you can help those students learn whatever subjects you are expert in. If you were once good at a subject, you can always revisit those old textbooks and brush up your teaching skills if you have never given them a try.

Depending on where you live and what subjects you are good at, you can earn anywhere between $40 to $80 per hour and get to pull in a decent annual income teaching part-time.

  • 6. Photographer

If you have an eye for artistic detail and love clicking photos in your free time, being a freelance photographer can be a high paying part-time job. Some people don’t take it as a serious job, but that only limits their income potential. And if you want to make it big as a freelance photographer, you will need some persistence and dedication. Wondering what you will need to do in this kind of a job? Taking pictures for magazines or newspapers, selling stocks photos online and even being a paparazzi photographer are some examples.

  • 7. Translator

If you think you are fast and fluent in a language other than English, you can find translation work online, in newspapers and magazines or even in person translating for courtrooms, law firms, hospitals, etc. This kind of a job can get you $20-50 per hour. There’s no shortage of work. In fact, the demand is growing at a steady pace and there are plenty of opportunities. Who said knowing multiple languages doesn’t pay well?

  • 8. Adjunct Teaching

In case you do have a college degree and are willing to teach, you can give adjuncting at universities a try. You can also find this type of a job at community colleges and online schools. The pay scale varies a lot depending on what subjects you teach and how good you are at them, but you won’t make anything less than $31k per year and in some cases – if you’re really good at it – you could even make as much as six figures per year.

  • 9. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers get to do a lot of designing work, as you can guess. But you will need to be proficient in using software like Adobe Photoshop to create high-end graphics for your clients. The job can include anything from creating custom logos and backgrounds to designing websites and marketing material. Though some graphic designers work in-house for a single client, others choose to work as a freelancer for a number of clients. This is why we suggest becoming a freelance graphic designer if you think you can be good at it and want a strong part-time job that pays really well for your time.

  • 10. Content Writer

Content writers produce quality content for a variety of purposes: from blogs and websites to advertisements and video scripts. Just like graphic designer, content writers can work in-house for a company or, they might find work on a freelance basis for multiple clients. Even though this kind of a job might pay low in the beginning if you have no experience with it, some content writers, such as copywriters (who write sales copies), get paid as much as $100,000 for writing one piece of copy on a commission basis. So if you are good at content writing, the sky is the limit.

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