The Key B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Savvy marketers now more than ever know that promoting a brand on this platform is a goldmine for generating leads and driving traffic to their website.

It is more of cutting through the gaggle of job seekers to find the millions of professionals you can do business with. In this write-up, find helpful tips that will guide you on how to better leverage this social media site and make it a powerful B2B marketing tool.

Brand Promotion Tool to Grow Connections

The Key B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

This social media platform was launched in 2003, meaning it is one of the oldest social networks. It is a network utilised by about 92 percent of business to business marketers today, more than any other social media platform. It is all about growing connections to translate into revenue. With this platform now tapping not less than half a billion users in over 200 countries, there is a high potential of winning business partners. For some reason, some companies have still relied on traditional tactics such as cold calling despite the success experienced with social media.

Although it can help you reach millions of prospects, the approach has to be strategic. Before benefiting from the potential this platform offers, the company’s accounts must convey relevant information, one that is consistent and accurate on all sites including the website.

This platform works for business to business leads. Research shows that most marketers today depend on social media to build leads. But is it effective? Although social media sites don’t score highly on the leads scale, LinkedIn has been labelled a success marker. Of the major platforms, this is the most effective, scoring a high of 80 percent. All other platforms combined now score 19.67 percent of the leads. All that is needed is to leverage it in the best way possible fully. It is the best platform to build connections that last.

  • Content

Today, at least 70 percent of marketers are creating more content than the past year. Even those without a strategy and do not know whether the written pieces are working are still creating more. Businesses that post write-ups at least 20 times a month on average attract four times more leads and traffic than those posting four times. However, quality does matter. Although many businesses are creating blogs frequently, only a few give quality standards. High quality sustains the generated leads and creates more traffic. Unique and strategic pieces that stand out drive interest, build awareness, and help in revenue generation by giving an innovative twist to old approaches.

It is about moving beyond theory to informed practices. Nobody pays attention to a pasted link accompanied by an image. In this platform, video is dominating but has to be short and concise. Promotional videos sit on the news feed as standalone posts, making them easy to spot. An easy to digest video conveys a ton of information in short bursts. A native video could last between 3-10 minutes. Spice up your write-ups with a short objective video to capture attention. A lot of marketers use social media for just one overarching reason, which is to drive traffic. When it comes to this platform, however, using a detailed but concise write-up can keep people engaged.

First, do not share content that 99 percent of your targeted audience is not interested in. Good write-ups win people, hook them, and help you brand yourself. Produce an editorial that grabs attention, is sharable, and gets dozens to comment. Take advantage of the native article feature on this platform to notify your followers every time you publish. That gives you the chance to get more engagement. In a 2015 report, only 35 percent of marketers had a documented brand promotion strategy. Forty-eight percent were said to have an undocumented approach.

The strategy could take any form, where a written piece is created and used in multiple campaigns, promoted through SEM and advertising. You might want to tie this to your CRM to draw leads. If your written pieces are on the landing pages, most of your traffic could be coming from paid or organic searches, meaning strategy integration, in this case, is vital.

  • Paid Advertising

This platform is not just a social networking site, but a professional B2B site, meaning users are already thinking about their career when logging in. Users on this site are intrinsically more open to business offers than on any PPC platform. Finding the right audience is highly essential to any paid advertising campaign. This platform is appealing, given that it offers direct access to more than 500 million business-oriented viewers.

It means getting higher bids for the advertising company to stay competitive. With the high cost per click, the conversion rate goals will need to be increased. Amazingly, there are smart ways that can be implemented to get the conversion rate as high as can be. First, target the audience. You can target their demographics, remarketing lists, and the company. Also, choose the right ad type including:

  • Text Ads: If you are looking for more brand awareness, this is the right avenue for you. It is a crafted message accompanied by the company logo.
  • Sponsored write-ups: These ads look like pieces of editorials appearing on the feed. It is excellent for marketers strategizing on building a contact list.
  • Sponsored InMails: Advertisers in this form can send personalised messages to the targeted audience with the help of the internal messaging system of this platform.

With the strides taken to increase ad efforts last year, a 60 percent spike in views has been reported. Expanded audience network was introduced, something that has caused the news feed engagement in terms of shares, likes and comments to increase. Defining your audience should help you net quality clicks, impressions, and leads.

  • Optimised Profile

Companies that have more quality lead grow and win. The trick lies in the optimisation of your account to attract and generate leads. Before posting or connecting with others, optimise your profile first. Make it public and add a custom URL. It needs to be accessible and easy to find. When well optimised, it could as well be the first search engine hit. The profile photo needs to be professional for a corporate website.

An eye-tracking study suggested that users spend at least 20 percent of their time on the profile photo. Since it was created explicitly for networking, connect with the right sources to appear more reputable as you also expand your reach. You get to establish your space by posting articles you are knowledgeable about and those relevant to your field.

On the summary section, be clear on your values as an expert. Make every change on your profile with a core demographic in mind. Be careful to give a concise and explicit description of what you do right off the butt, because this may be the first thing a potential lead sees.

There is no better network to connect to potential leads when marketing your business products and services. In this platform, you are exposed to all levels of organisational structures, from CEOs to innovative heads of start-ups. 61 million users are senior level influencers, while at least 40 million are decision makers. Publishing insightful and provocative articles or videos can be an excellent strategy for scoring big. The chances of having your brand endorsed in LinkedIn by reputable sources can be high.

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